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Celebrity Bankruptcies

June 11, 2021

• Burt Reynolds: He filed for bankruptcy in the 1990s after his divorce; he was $10 million in debt at the time.

• Toni Braxton: She’s declared bankruptcy not once but twice, most recently in 2010.

• Willie Nelson: He owed the IRS more than $16.7 million when he filed for bankruptcy in 1990.

• LaToya Jackson: She got into debt thanks to her failed music career, and declared bankruptcy in 1995.

• Larry King: He filed for bankruptcy in 1978, when he was $350,000 in debt, before making it big on CNN.

• Cyndi Lauper: After her group disbanded and she was sued by the manager, she filed for bankruptcy in 1981. But then her solo career took off.

• MC Hammer: He was more than $13.7 million in debt when he filed for bankruptcy in 1996.

• Donald Trump: Not only has he filed for bankruptcy—he’s done so twice, but obviously rebounded both times.

• Kim Basinger: She had to file for bankruptcy after pulling out of a movie and owing the studio $8.1 million in damages.

• Tia Carrere

• Burt Reynolds

• Toni Braxton

• Teresa Guidice

• Willie Nelson

• Suge Night

• LaToya Jackson

• Mike Tyson

• Larry King

• Cyndi Lauper