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Foreclosure Defense Attorney Serving Tampa, Florida

When the bank threatens to foreclose on your home, you may feel like you have little recourse.

The first thing you need to do is contact a Florida foreclosure lawyer as quickly as possible to discuss your case.

Most people believe that the bank has the paperwork and documentation to show that they didn’t meet their mortgage requirements. Actually, the bank most likely does not have the documentation and paperwork it needs to foreclose on your home according to Florida law.

This is a key strategy in a good foreclosure defense case.

In addition to proving that the bank doesn’t have the paperwork, a good foreclosure defense will explore the possibility that the bank is attempting to foreclose on your home through means of fraud, or that your lender is in breach of contract with you.

Fight Back Against Foreclosure

When you are on the brink of losing your home, it is important that you have a bankruptcy attorney on your side who will take immediate, aggressive action to protect your home and your family.

An experienced foreclosure lawyer with a specific understanding of the criteria banks must meet in order to have a legal right to sue and foreclose on your home is needed to give your case the highest chance of being dropped.

I have successfully defended dozens of clients against losing their homes and will use the skills and resources available to me to help you fight to keep your home.

You don’t have to let the threat of foreclosure overwhelm you – there is help available for you.

Call me today for a consultation to find out how I can help you keep your house.