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Have you reached the point where the crushing weight of debt has become too much to bear? Are you tired of creditors and bill collectors harassing you at all hours of the day and night? Do you worry about the IRS levying your assets over tax debt?

Whether you are an individual facing foreclosure or a business considering closing its doors, the Law Firm of Joel M. Aresty, P.A. can help you escape the stranglehold of debt and emerge financially secure.

Mr. Aresty is well respected throughout South Florida and has helped countless individuals and businesses wipe out debt and get the fresh start they deserve. During your consultation with Attorney Aresty, he will carefully review your current financial situation and provide you with various legal options, including bankruptcy. Unmanageable debt requires bold yet smart action and Mr. Aresty is the attorney you want to guide you through the legal process.

While the idea of declaring bankruptcy may seem like admitting defeat — it couldn’t be further from the truth. Rather, it showcases your determination to get on a path toward good financial health. Bankruptcy can help you dig yourself out of a hole, catch your breath, and create a plan. Because bankruptcy is a complex area of law with high stakes, it’s absolutely crucial to seek the assistance of a seasoned bankruptcy attorney.

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